Sep 4



It has been a strange summer, with a myriad of worldwide events and calamities…quite a few on our Jamaican home soil too in fact.


The great Michio Kushi, in a 1984 lecture stated: “We are, at the present time, facing a great crisis. That crisis is the degeneration of humanity through the sickness and mental illness as well as the threat of nuclear war. All these confrontations that threaten our world are due to our present way of thinking – the orientation and direction of modern civilization, itself”. It’s now 2017 and the picture doesn’t seem to have improved, has it?


Let’s take some time to explore the views of a man, many will never have heard of.




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As we prepare for the official ‘Back to School’ routine today, I hope that you have the time, strength, will and energy to watch, study, consider and understand the information shared in the video below. It’s not the easiest video to follow, given the thick Japanese accent of the presenter, but I urge you to listen intently and watch with all 3 eyes (including your one for discernment). Yes, I know I’m getting deep again, but in these times of apparent world chaos…wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW ‘THE meaning of life’?


Based on my years of personal searching, questioning, experiencing and ‘feeling’, the quest for answers to the ‘big question’ seem to be superbly outlined by Michio Kushi. This (late) master of Macrobiotics (do a little research) hits many nails on their proverbial heads.


My view is that ALL students/children should be taught these facts regarding human existance, soul existance and the relationship between the two. But enough from me…sit back, relax, watch the video…and open your own consciousness to the content.



When you have finished watching…feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.



May 2

What’s happened to ZikV?




How is it that such crucially important issues waft in and out of our media and attention spans? I mean, aren’t the life and foetus threatening possibilities of the ZikV virus still an issue?



Well, just in case we think it is ‘safe to go back into the water’, I am sharing an article on the matter that made perfect sense to me. It was written by a friend and world renowned Naturopathic Physician, Ted Emanuel. Ted has kindly permitted me to share it with you. Let us continue to value our greatest wealth…our Health!




by Ted Emanuel



“After all its CHIK-V today, it could be a more devastating virus tomorrow”. What could be considered a more prophetic ending to the article I had written on the CHIK-V challenge published in the Jamaica Gleaner December 9, 2014? The ZIKA VIRUS is here and from all indications it’s not “if” but “when” the entire Island will be combating the effects. Unfortunately, on this occasion pregnant women are the ones who must take extra precaution as the brain of the unborn child could be impacted negatively. In subsequent articles I will explain in detail how my expert training allows me to view an ultra sound and explain how features of the foetus will determine how the child develops.


Building natural immunity



The Zika Virus Vaccine may be months or even years away. Learn to build your natural immunity today.  The Zika virus and all viruses thrive on any living thing that is ailing/dying. We get it when the physical body is overly acidic. Meaning the body’s ph is at a level where it can barely  defend itself. What contributes to this state or condition are things that are acidic such as oils, which we get from different types of proteins such as nuts, seeds, chicken, beef, etc. Carbohydrates also convert to fat which is stored in organs such as the liver, kidneys and mainly the skin which traps waste material creating a weakness in the entire organism ultimately lowering one’s immunity.


Organs and glands which build immunity



Organs involved with immunity start with the stomach. When food is not properly masticated/chewed it creates an environment in the stomach which undermines the function of the organ. The stomach which controls the entire digestive system works hand in hand with the spleen and pancreas. Both these organs, along with the adrenal glands, control glands in the brain such as the pineal and pituitary glands which are our control tower; that’s our endocrine system. This system is a part of our neurological (nervous) system, which controls all other organs and glands of the entire human body. Other key organs involved include those connected with the respiratory and circulatory systems; mainly, if not most importantly, the colon which feeds the entire body. Respiration is key as the colon works best with the lungs. However when the colon is compromised it affects its related partner the small intestines. Frequent or prolonged constipation is a key factor in the lowering of immunity. Lack of exercise also contributes to infrequent bowel movement. Diarrhea will also interfere with the homeostasis (balance) resulting in the loss of electrolytes (minerals) and trace minerals. Exercise is important because of its influence on the circulatory system which transports nourishment to the cells, as well as the removal of waste material.



Oxygen is also very important. Mucus forming foods such as milk, butter, cheese, flour and soy milk will undermine the optimal function of the lung, hence lowering immunity. Oxygen is also responsible for keeping all the vessels clean and healthy. The lack thereof will lead to the accumulation of plaque on the walls of the vessels as well as create tissue damage within the vessels, which attacks the cardio-vascular and pulmonary systems.


The importance of balanced nutrition


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In building immunity we need minerals and trace elements. All living things have a degree of minerals. Our fruits, vegetables (land and sea) contain a certain amount to varying degrees. The highest source of minerals is found in sea vegetables (seaweed/algae), namely hijiki, kombu (kelp), wakame, arame and nori. These are mainly used as brain food. Another very important is Hemp (CBD) products, specifically hemp oil which is high in CBD. CBD has among other things strong antioxidant properties and stop or reverse cell damage. Vitamins A, C and D are also important. Herbs which enhance immunity include echanecia, green tea, etc.


A daily diet composed of rich animal meat, dairy food, sugar, fruits, refined products, oily greasy food, together with the frequent consumption of tropical fruits and carbonated beverages produces a more acidic condition within the body. On the contrary however a diet consisting of whole unrefined grains, cooked vegetables, beans and their products, sea vegetables and other natural foods seasoned with sea-salt based condiments and accompanied by non-stimulant beverages produce a more alkaline condition in the body which enhances immunity.


Foods which contribute to an acidic state are referred to as yin foods. Excessive consumption of these foods will result in the following physical disorders: intestinal weakness, liver infection—hepatitis, lymphatic disorder, weakening of respiratory function, pancreatic disorders, weakness of bones, skin disorders, reproductive organ disorders, nervous sensitivity, mental indecision and heightened receptivity toward infectious viruses and bacteria.


Rest & Exercise



Adequate rest does not mean going to bed and falling asleep, as the individual can be over-stressed go to bed but never achieve restful rest. In order to achieve adequate rest one must engage in some form of physical exercise prior to going to bed. These include stretching and deep breathing not rigorous exercise but calming routines. The distinction must be made that morning exercises should be stimulating while those in the evening should be calming, more sedative.




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Any discussion on immunity must include the environment, both the external and internal. An untidy space, pollution, noise, unsanitary conditions all contribute. Proper hygiene, internal and external is also important.


No quick-fix


The international community is working frantically to formulate a vaccine for the Zika virus. In the interim, over the counter medications will have to suffice. In addition, continued education is also critical to the process.”





Sep 9

“Belief Kills and Belief Cures”…the power of the mind!






Many of you will have heard this saying, which is quite popular in Jamaica. When I hear it, I immediately think of health related issues and the power of one’s mind/thoughts (beliefs) in bringing about either a positive or negative result. Stop and think for a moment…could it really be true that if you think positively about your health, you can maintain a good health status, whereas if you tend to harbour negative thoughts about your health, sickness will strike you? Just imagine how many doctors would have to find alternative professions…or go the preventative natural route.




I have read about many cases involving the use of placebos (sugar pills in many instances) being given to persons, with them thinking it was a medicine to cure an illness and the symptoms disappearing! The web site defines it thus… Placebo effect: Also called the placebo response. A remarkable phenomenon in which a placebo — a fake treatment, an inactive substance like sugar, distilled water, or saline solution — can sometimes improve a patient’s condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful’





Well I recently witnessed the amazing power of mind over medical conditioning and the ‘disappearance’ of chronic pain symptoms…after 13 years of suffering. My dear cousin visited me in Jamaica from England last month and brought with her a bag of pills, morphine patches and capsules which doctors in the UK had prescribed for her over many years, to alleviate the pain she endured from Polymyalgia, Rheumatica and Osteoarthritis (the diagnosed illnesses changed over the 13 year period). It was a sad sight to see my young, talented cousin arrive at the airport in a wheelchair due to the pain and discomfort she felt. It was also sad to see the terrible side effects she experienced from the morphine patches, the medication given to counter the nausea from the morphine and the tablets to soothe the ulcer that she had developed from taking the other pain relief medication…and so it went on.




Silverwater  HERBS

I told my cousin before she arrived in Jamaica that not only would she be healed here, but that she would return to England ‘drug free’. It’s (not) funny how pharmaceutical drugs are killing hundreds of thousands of people each year ( and remain legal, while natural remedies are either criminalized or tightly controlled by the FDA and their counterparts in other countries…but I won’t get started on that!






Back to my cousin. I was able to give that assurance in the knowledge that in addition to the healing Vitamin D from Jamaica’s sunshine, my tribe of friends include a world renown Naturopath, a Reiki Master, a hands on Energy Healer, two yoga teachers, a Journey Therapist, a life coach and a genius scientist that is producing side-effect free, natural products in his laboratory! I have witnessed many persons restored to optimal physical, mental and spiritual health to doubt, some literally returning from death’s door. With this body of natural health gurus as my back up team and a trip to Negril (including massage therapy) thrown in as a bonus, all that was remaining was my cousin’s ‘belief’ that she did not have to live the rest of her life as a disabled, pain ridden woman…that she could live a full energetic life once again. After years of programmed acceptance, she BELIEVED and immediately stopped taking her medication. There was no pain!!






Cutting the story short…my cousin returned to the UK last week and left her bag of drugs at my home for discarding. The pain that she had become accustomed to did not return with her on the flight home. Using natural treatments and a life sustaining dietary programme, it has stayed gone!

So…we CAN heal ourselves without artificial drugs. We need to take our health into our own hands and away from the profit-seeking, billion dollar making pharmaceutical companies. Mother Nature has provided the gifts for natural healing in abundance and knowledgeable practitioners ARE restoring health naturally. However, if we don’t seek the knowledge and have the BELIEF, our lot will surely be pain and needless suffering as we use man-made drugs to mask the symptoms (body warning system). Wouldn’t you like to know the root cause of these ‘modern’ health problems that many of us face and pluck out that root once and for all? I feel blessed to have returned to Jamaica recently to avail myself of the natural resources available here for optimal health keeping. But don’t take my word for it, do the research for yourselves. We often look to ‘foreign’ for our solutions, but right here ‘a yard’, we have the greatest wealth available…our health! Belief indeed cures…




Health Medicine


Oh yes, while you are making your transition from pharmaceutical to natural, if you want to secure your family/earnings in case of illness, you can ask one of your Sarifa representatives about Health Insurance Plans to suit you and your pocket.

A back up plan never hurts ;).


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