Sep 4



It has been a strange summer, with a myriad of worldwide events and calamities…quite a few on our Jamaican home soil too in fact.


The great Michio Kushi, in a 1984 lecture stated: “We are, at the present time, facing a great crisis. That crisis is the degeneration of humanity through the sickness and mental illness as well as the threat of nuclear war. All these confrontations that threaten our world are due to our present way of thinking – the orientation and direction of modern civilization, itself”. It’s now 2017 and the picture doesn’t seem to have improved, has it?


Let’s take some time to explore the views of a man, many will never have heard of.




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As we prepare for the official ‘Back to School’ routine today, I hope that you have the time, strength, will and energy to watch, study, consider and understand the information shared in the video below. It’s not the easiest video to follow, given the thick Japanese accent of the presenter, but I urge you to listen intently and watch with all 3 eyes (including your one for discernment). Yes, I know I’m getting deep again, but in these times of apparent world chaos…wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW ‘THE meaning of life’?


Based on my years of personal searching, questioning, experiencing and ‘feeling’, the quest for answers to the ‘big question’ seem to be superbly outlined by Michio Kushi. This (late) master of Macrobiotics (do a little research) hits many nails on their proverbial heads.


My view is that ALL students/children should be taught these facts regarding human existance, soul existance and the relationship between the two. But enough from me…sit back, relax, watch the video…and open your own consciousness to the content.



When you have finished watching…feel free to share your thoughts and feelings.



Aug 8






Now this question, that I recall from the Cat Stephens song by the same name (I prefer the Everton Blender version above 😉 ), used to resonate with me deeply in the context of children growing up in the heavily industrialised areas of England, where green areas were not yet the standard feature. I grew up in such an area and even though we had a long back garden where nuff ramping took place, other children were living in high rise flats (apartments), yes, like that of the Grenfell Tower in London. The box-like structures, with tiny balconies and multiple floors of concrete never struck me as child friendly places, but, for ‘convenience’, the Government could house multiple families in smaller spaces, packed in neatly like sardines in a tin. There is, of course, no need for me to highlight the potential physical dangers of such a town planning fiasco, but for those still standing, the question still remains…where do the children play?




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It’s that time where thousands of children are still out of school and parents are still hearing  those common words…”I’m bored”.  Many will be tempted to retort…”In my day, we would go outside to play and find things to do!” Then of course, there is the modern day definition of ‘play’ which involves electrical devices of all shapes, sizes and capabilities. So, getting your child outside may indeed be the biggest challenge. So, what has happened to play?


Play is a part of the healthy development of all children, wherever in the world they live. The exploration of their outer world, themselves and other members of their human family through play and touch are pivotal to their healthy association with their environment. One of my favourite sounds is that of children laughing, shrieking and shouting in a playground. The psychological ill-effects of children confined to spaces where they cannot play freely and/or restricted by adults telling them to ‘sit and keep still’ has perhaps been tested in some controlled experiment somewhere, but for now, let’s just use our common sense and deduce that such children may not develop/flourish in the same way as children given the freedom of boundless play. Fast forward to present day, where electronic gadgets have replaced jacks, skipping ropes, frisbees, marbles, footballs (made from all manner of creatively crafted items). Now, the physiological and neurological aspects of a child’s development are further impacted!


In light of the above, this short blog wants to draw focus to one place where some of the child-play neglect can be addressed, here in Jamaica…our kindergardens, prep and primary schools! Good God man! Children as young as 5 are being chastised for the fact that their cursive writing is not well developed enough (actual sharing with a parent I consulted with last week). The battle to ‘win’ some sort of competition has taken over the minds of many parents that want to be able to say that their child is academically advanced because they could read or write at age 3 or 4! In my opinion, no child should be asked to hold any writing implement, other than a crayon, until they are 5-6yrs old! My son was introduced to the prep school scene at the tender age of 2.5yrs. Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had him start school until he was 6yrs old! That is also the guidance I was given after the fact, by a seasoned and well respected educator in Montego Bay. Boys, in particular, need that time to play, explore and develop themselves in ‘natural’ order. Especially if they are bursting with abundant energy as my young prince was. Telling him and his peers to sit behind hard desks on hard chairs for hours upon end and (teachers) getting frustrated with them when they ‘move’ to express the kinetic energy building in their little dynamo bodies, is tantamount to torture. Yes I’m being a little dramatic here, but think about it. In my subsequent child development, learning therapy and psychodrama sessions with so called ‘problem’ kids brought to me by their concerned parents, it was often as simple as guiding the parent through a change of perception and inviting them to see their child through fresh eyes, without the opinion of the ‘school experts’ that slapped that ‘troublemaker’, ‘disruptive’, ‘unfocused’ or (worse) ‘dunce’ label on a child that was simply in full expression of their personality, giftedness and talents.


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In an environment where exam passes are still the gauge of an intelligent child that is destined for success in life, your child might just be one of those gifted geniuses that are made to feel worthless because of an outmoded system that starts by removing or limiting the best building blocks to a child’s character development….PLAY!


When I am conducting a Psychodrama or other developmentally supportive session with the children in teen bodies that have experienced trauma, play is one of the easiest ways to fully engage them. God knows…even I get lost in the soul freeing, escapism of that pure un-ADULT-erated world of play. Two weeks ago I was at the beautiful Tryall home of a family, where my dear friend was consulting with the parents. While I waited in the living room (as the rain had halted my beach plan) one of the children invited me to “come play with us…we’re playing Leggo Land”. I didn’t wait for a second asking. “Of course I will”, was my eager response. As I sat on the floor of the girls room, I was transformed from ‘big ooman’ to a live adventurer in this miniature world of leggo houses, leggo animals, leggo food, leggo people (of all colours and creeds!), leggo doctors and vets and leggo vehicles. For about an hour, I was transported to their regular child world and when their 5yr old brother got wind of the fact that there was a big person playing in the girls’ room, he was in like a shot, vying for my attention by jumping all over, wanting some rough and tumble action! He was soon simmered by his bigger sisters and convinced to enter the leggo world. Big people! Let me tell you something. When the bible tells us that we cannot enter the Kingdom unless we do so ‘as a child’….Mi believe! Lordy was I in the Kingdom that day!!!


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Why not try it yourself? Next time you get the chance, have a pillow fight with a youngster (tek time wid them though…no full strength strikes allowed J ), chalk out a hopscotch game on the pavement, get your stones and jump! Go out onto your well manicured urban lawn that only the sprinkler water dances on and play a game of tag (‘tick’ for the English based readers). The therapeutic benefits, after you have first released the constrictive thinking that says “I’m too big for this” will make your soul soar.


Let the children play…and allow your inner child to play with them!


Jun 5





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Over many years, as a result of multi-level conditioning/programming, I, like many of you would have arrived at the belief that the events of our lives are mapped out well before we arrive on the planet. Fate. Destiny. Call it what we will, we give in to the twists and turns of the life journey on the collective understanding that we cannot change the events in our lives. ‘Our Story’ is written in the book of life and we are mere spectators to the unfolding.


Well, after many years of observing and experiencing life intently, I no longer hold that belief. After all, ‘belief’ is simply a series of thoughts that we continue to think’…until we change them, right? So, if you will indulge me, allow me to explain why I know that we create our future, as ordained by our Supreme Creator, through our thoughts.




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My interest in the human brain has revealed some amazing facts that continue to inspire me with awe. My deep fascination started when I trained as a Neuronet Therapist, as a means of supporting my son’s early learning. I also became a Learning Performance Specialist, sharing exciting brain facts and learning strategies with high school students across England and Wales. When I coach students in the practices of right/left hemisphere integration for better learning outcomes, I love the look on their faces when we apply the theories and prove that their shift in both thinking and specific right-brain integration practices, positively impacts their ability to learn and remember stuff! Once the students understand the correlation between their thoughts/mind practices and their grades, they are more ready to learn. Further, sharing with them that in one day, all the cell phones in the world cannot generate the same level of electrical impulses as their individual brains, usually gets their attention. Yes, I’m talking neurons firing! Giving off impulses as they connect with other neurons making up the billions forming networks in each of our magnificent brains.




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Now, imagine if these neurons, when firing, could emit ‘waves’ that travel outside of our physical bodies. Well, they do. Scientists have measured waves, akin to micro and wifi waves, from the brain of humans, feet away from the head of the subject. The same pertains to the human heart, but that’s a different story.


Imagine now, that these waves go out into the atmosphere and alter matter. Yes, that’s what I said. Changing matter external to the body.  Not only is matter altered, but matter is magnetized to you on the basis of the signals contained in the thought-waves. Literally mind over matter! Let this important point sink in a little, because the magnitude of this fact forms the basis of my assertion that YOU control and create your future life events, based on what you think, consistently, about any particular ‘matter’. Good or Bad. So, for example, if you wake up each morning and your first thought is ‘mi salt’…’nothing is going on for me’, it is important to know that your transmitted thought wave has gone ‘out there’ and will be matched with the magnetized confirmation of your statement. Have you noticed how the people that constantly state how sick they are rarely heal? The women that sing the sankey that ALL men are bad, generally repeat a cycle that affirms their belief and predominant thought, time after time attracting ‘bad men’.


It boils down to the fact that we are vibrational beings. Yes, we are full of vibes. The physics students amongst you will be able to relate to the fact that all beings and objects are matter, vibrating at differing speeds and frequencies. The human being included. So when someone says, they don’t like your vibe, it is a loose reference to the vibrational energy they are picking up from you within their vibrational zone. And visa versa.




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Anyway, I’m not the first person to reach the above conclusions. Google is there for all of us to fatten our factual reserves. I simply chose to share this fundamental information with you on the premise that if it works for me, why not have others out there achieving balance in their lives through the ‘The Law of Attraction’? There are many writings and videos for you to listen/watch on the topic. I, for the most part, am paraphrasing what I have gleaned. In short, that we magnetise our life experiences based on the thoughts we entertain and the vibrations/waves we consequently send out into our universe. Watch the video called ‘The Secret’ and mull over the evidence presented.


You literally have to manage your thoughts on a daily basis to keep your life boat sailing smoothly. It doesn’t mean that life won’t rock your boat or the water won’t get choppy from time to time (those are the contrasts of life at play), but the key is, in recognition of what you don’t want showing up, is to adjust your thinking to smooth out the future journey.


Since we’re using the analogy of a boat. The other point is that we have been led to believe that life should be about struggle. What if we simply had to focus our minds and thoughts on what we WANT to see/happen/have and not sing endless sankies about what we wanted to eliminate. Close your eyes and place your thoughts (and consequent feeling) on abundance, in place of daily moans about being broke! Instead of lamenting the fact that you are single and can’t find a good man/woman…[after first ensuring that you are reflecting all the positive things you desire in a significant other],… emit those vibrations through positive thoughts of love and a mutually gratifying union. Feel it till it’s real! Anything you push against, fight or resist, creates a tension that creates more of what you are resisting against. Again, the law of attraction. Instead of fighting for peace, why not be peace? The wars on drugs, terrorism etc. in actual fact gives more energy and momentum to the very things not wanted. Why, because when the collective vibrations are emitted, the magnetism can only bring that to you/us/them, what is being focused on…e.g. war, crime…Trump!




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So rather than rowing your life-boat upstream, allow your life-boat to go with the downstream flow, guided by our divine source, for smooth sailing. The Rastafarians call the inner higher self the I in I. We are indeed Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. I like this perspective of reality as it celebrates the God essence in each and every human being, regardless of location or station in life. It also encourages us to be kinder to one another, resolving that EVERY life matters! So allow your boat to float merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, gently down the stream, rowing only when and where guided (compass = feelings and intuition, as they are free of human ego interference)…and life will indeed be ‘but a dream’.


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The mind is powerful! Our natural vibration is harmony of mind, body and spirit. Well-being, Modern lifestyles and dysfunctional cultures have unfortunately eroded this natural order and I, like many like-minded around the world, am passionate about guiding others to a more harmonious life. Happiness is our birthright!


So, since our thoughts (and feelings) do indeed become our reality, if you don’t like what keeps turning up in your life…change your mind and create YOUR NEW STORY!