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Over many years, as a result of multi-level conditioning/programming, I, like many of you would have arrived at the belief that the events of our lives are mapped out well before we arrive on the planet. Fate. Destiny. Call it what we will, we give in to the twists and turns of the life journey on the collective understanding that we cannot change the events in our lives. ‘Our Story’ is written in the book of life and we are mere spectators to the unfolding.


Well, after many years of observing and experiencing life intently, I no longer hold that belief. After all, ‘belief’ is simply a series of thoughts that we continue to think’…until we change them, right? So, if you will indulge me, allow me to explain why I know that we create our future, as ordained by our Supreme Creator, through our thoughts.




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My interest in the human brain has revealed some amazing facts that continue to inspire me with awe. My deep fascination started when I trained as a Neuronet Therapist, as a means of supporting my son’s early learning. I also became a Learning Performance Specialist, sharing exciting brain facts and learning strategies with high school students across England and Wales. When I coach students in the practices of right/left hemisphere integration for better learning outcomes, I love the look on their faces when we apply the theories and prove that their shift in both thinking and specific right-brain integration practices, positively impacts their ability to learn and remember stuff! Once the students understand the correlation between their thoughts/mind practices and their grades, they are more ready to learn. Further, sharing with them that in one day, all the cell phones in the world cannot generate the same level of electrical impulses as their individual brains, usually gets their attention. Yes, I’m talking neurons firing! Giving off impulses as they connect with other neurons making up the billions forming networks in each of our magnificent brains.




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Now, imagine if these neurons, when firing, could emit ‘waves’ that travel outside of our physical bodies. Well, they do. Scientists have measured waves, akin to micro and wifi waves, from the brain of humans, feet away from the head of the subject. The same pertains to the human heart, but that’s a different story.


Imagine now, that these waves go out into the atmosphere and alter matter. Yes, that’s what I said. Changing matter external to the body.  Not only is matter altered, but matter is magnetized to you on the basis of the signals contained in the thought-waves. Literally mind over matter! Let this important point sink in a little, because the magnitude of this fact forms the basis of my assertion that YOU control and create your future life events, based on what you think, consistently, about any particular ‘matter’. Good or Bad. So, for example, if you wake up each morning and your first thought is ‘mi salt’…’nothing is going on for me’, it is important to know that your transmitted thought wave has gone ‘out there’ and will be matched with the magnetized confirmation of your statement. Have you noticed how the people that constantly state how sick they are rarely heal? The women that sing the sankey that ALL men are bad, generally repeat a cycle that affirms their belief and predominant thought, time after time attracting ‘bad men’.


It boils down to the fact that we are vibrational beings. Yes, we are full of vibes. The physics students amongst you will be able to relate to the fact that all beings and objects are matter, vibrating at differing speeds and frequencies. The human being included. So when someone says, they don’t like your vibe, it is a loose reference to the vibrational energy they are picking up from you within their vibrational zone. And visa versa.




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Anyway, I’m not the first person to reach the above conclusions. Google is there for all of us to fatten our factual reserves. I simply chose to share this fundamental information with you on the premise that if it works for me, why not have others out there achieving balance in their lives through the ‘The Law of Attraction’? There are many writings and videos for you to listen/watch on the topic. I, for the most part, am paraphrasing what I have gleaned. In short, that we magnetise our life experiences based on the thoughts we entertain and the vibrations/waves we consequently send out into our universe. Watch the video called ‘The Secret’ and mull over the evidence presented.


You literally have to manage your thoughts on a daily basis to keep your life boat sailing smoothly. It doesn’t mean that life won’t rock your boat or the water won’t get choppy from time to time (those are the contrasts of life at play), but the key is, in recognition of what you don’t want showing up, is to adjust your thinking to smooth out the future journey.


Since we’re using the analogy of a boat. The other point is that we have been led to believe that life should be about struggle. What if we simply had to focus our minds and thoughts on what we WANT to see/happen/have and not sing endless sankies about what we wanted to eliminate. Close your eyes and place your thoughts (and consequent feeling) on abundance, in place of daily moans about being broke! Instead of lamenting the fact that you are single and can’t find a good man/woman…[after first ensuring that you are reflecting all the positive things you desire in a significant other],… emit those vibrations through positive thoughts of love and a mutually gratifying union. Feel it till it’s real! Anything you push against, fight or resist, creates a tension that creates more of what you are resisting against. Again, the law of attraction. Instead of fighting for peace, why not be peace? The wars on drugs, terrorism etc. in actual fact gives more energy and momentum to the very things not wanted. Why, because when the collective vibrations are emitted, the magnetism can only bring that to you/us/them, what is being focused on…e.g. war, crime…Trump!




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So rather than rowing your life-boat upstream, allow your life-boat to go with the downstream flow, guided by our divine source, for smooth sailing. The Rastafarians call the inner higher self the I in I. We are indeed Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. I like this perspective of reality as it celebrates the God essence in each and every human being, regardless of location or station in life. It also encourages us to be kinder to one another, resolving that EVERY life matters! So allow your boat to float merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, gently down the stream, rowing only when and where guided (compass = feelings and intuition, as they are free of human ego interference)…and life will indeed be ‘but a dream’.


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The mind is powerful! Our natural vibration is harmony of mind, body and spirit. Well-being, Modern lifestyles and dysfunctional cultures have unfortunately eroded this natural order and I, like many like-minded around the world, am passionate about guiding others to a more harmonious life. Happiness is our birthright!


So, since our thoughts (and feelings) do indeed become our reality, if you don’t like what keeps turning up in your life…change your mind and create YOUR NEW STORY!




Dec 6




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“Today…was that day” (well Saturday gone to be precise)!


I heard my dearly departed mother’s voice, loud and clear… (in my head).


“Just wait until you have children of your own…then you will understand”…


For those of you that are parents, the parental milestone I am about to outline will likely resonate with you, or, if your children are younger…in the coming teen years.


So back to ‘that day’ that I mentioned.


My son, now 14yrs old, asked to attend the fete at Kingston’s Immaculate Conception high school on Saturday, with a friend from his school. The plan was that said friend’s mother would ‘drop off’ and I would ‘pick up’. Easy enough. I was cool with that…though I had to quash some spontaneous thoughts about a potential ‘incident’ that could arise at a school fete. But then I chided myself for being a ‘worrier mom’. As a mother, I may not be able to take him out to ‘hunt the lion’, but I sure can send him out into the ‘jungle’…right? I can do this. It’s time to let go. The very night before I had discussed my son’s making his transition to manhood and my need to release the reigns somewhat and give him latitude to venture further from the safety of the nest. All the text book stuff that his uncles have been guiding me on in recent years. They went off looking very dapper.



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Then, THE call came in…”Mom, can we walk to the bowling alley at Manor Park and you pick us up there in a few hours?”


Silence. As God is my witness I…the calm, optimistic, divinely protected, look-on-the-positive-side, law of attraction, ‘your thoughts create your reality’ spouting optimist…PANICKED! My heart started pounding and my head started swimming…in the background I could hear the chattering of excited teens, the giggling of girls and the extra-base voices of teen-boy laughter. I was on the spot!!!


His firm (to impress those around him no doubt) voice still possessed the pleading quality of my little boy. In it I heard the unspoken, mommy, please say yes…the other teens are waiting to hear if I can go or not. Hurry and please don’t ask me one million questions to break my cool!!


I stammered, I hummed and awed…torn between the desire to let him fly free, to go with his mates to the very well populated bowling joint AND the dread that raged through my mind as images of Khajeel Mais…Nicholas Francis popped into my mind. “Moooommmmm!” Came the demand again from the anxious Prince. In a split second, he wanted an answer. Wait. Stall. Let me call the mother of the other young man. Maybe I can transfer, I mean share this onerous decision. I needed back up! Having an older son and being more knowledgeable of the route and venues in question, back-up mom reassured me that she was fine with it, but (which sent me into indecisive mode again)…”follow your gut feeling” she finished. I calmed my flip-flopping gut and engaged my left brain for the split second needed to decide to allow and trust!


OK son…YOU CAN GO! (I’m sure I heard the theme tune from the Rocky movie).


He contained his clear exuberance and said a cool, in his new deeper voice… Thanks Mom!


I did it.


That’s when I heard my mother’s voice. Clear Clear!


Each time I, or my teen brother would go out my mother would be at the window, unable to sleep, until we came home. When I asked her why she didn’t go to bed, she spoke those prophetic words…”Just wait until you have children of your own…then you will understand.”


Boy do I understand!!!!



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The reality of this story is that it is becoming more and more difficult to think of a place in this world where one can be certain of the safety of a child. I had made the conscious decision to raise my son in Jamaica, as opposed to England, where we were both born. There are a myriad of reasons, but the main one, which is now very relevant in the post Brexit and post Trump age, is his safety (emotional as well as physical). The realities of being a young boy of African descent in a predominantly Caucasian populated country I knew only too well. Yes, I know I am a female, but I witnessed the disparities in treatment and justice second hand, in the treatment meted out to my own brother and his friends, while growing up in Great Britain in the 70’s/80’s.


So here we are in Jamaica. With its own peculiar challenges, but a historical record of protecting children. There…I said it…historical. Sadly so, in the wake of the recent atrocious child deaths. My maternal senses are heightened. I find myself asking the question again…”Where in the world is it safe to raise a boy child?”…any child for that matter?


I guess, the answer for each parent might be different, but at the end of the day, we can only protect our children to a certain extent, while in the meantime, equipping them with as much ‘street smartness’, awareness and confidence as possible. As it was in my teen years…parents will continue to worry, regardless of the country, social dictates or reassurances from the inexperienced teens themselves.




While you ponder these thoughts parents, you can consider securing Personal Accident Cover, Health Insurance, Pension Plan or even a Life Insurance Policy through us at Sarifa…just to cushion any ‘blows’ that might fortuitously arise while we love and protect our offspring.


As well as our good parental advice, it is a good idea to arrange some financial cushioning for their present or future.


Jul 6


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Yesterday, a total stranger, with whom I had assumed I had nothing in common (his being a Caucasian male and I, an African female), spoke to me and touched my heart. The man approached a bus stop that I was standing at, opposite the hospital that I had just visited to collect an item belonging to my recently departed father. This stranger too had just left the hospital, it came to pass, but his visit was a monumental, life changing one. “I’ve just gotten the all clear” said the exuberant stranger. He could barely stand still. “They told me a few weeks ago that I might have cancer of the pancreas…but they were wrong, my tests have come up all clear”. The joy and relief in the stranger’s voice and on his face were potent. Clearly I was the first person he had seen since receiving the fantastic news and he was unable to keep it to himself a moment longer. I congratulated him and sincerely felt ‘good’ for him. Characteristically, I encouraged him to live every day going forward to the fullest and we chatted about enjoying life and ridding it of any undue stress. “Life is short” we both agreed. That was our common ground. Life. We were no longer strangers. Two human beings, alive and sharing our happiness to be so.




Then what is it with human nature that has many of us so pre-occupied with the prospect of death that we forget to embrace life and truly LIVE it? Of course, we will each have our own formula for what ‘living’ truly is (beyond the taking in and exhalation of oxygen/carbon dioxide respectively).


Why have humans, historically, been so caught up in a spiral of fear regarding death? Such is the fear that we often avoid speaking about it, using euphemism upon euphemism to avoid saying…the ‘D’ word. It’s taboo! That’s why I so love my late father. A few weeks before his passing, I asked him a euphemistically coated question…”dad, if anything were to happen to you”…his immediate interjection was, “yu mean if mi dead” in his rich Jamaican accent. Caught a little off guard, still reluctant to join him in the reality, I said “yes daddy…(pause) if yu dead.” He had come to terms with the inevitable…helping me to do the same, by calling it what it was; the certainty that we will all face. Yet still our first instinct is to avoid. In a sad example of how many of us believe in the power of contemplating our death, a recent newspaper article stated that “Marcus Garvey died upon seeing his own obituary, printed inadvertently, in the Chicago Defender newspaper”. The article went on to describe how Jamaica’s national hero and inspiration to countless countries’ leaders, “dropped dead on the spot of a massive stroke”. Now this was the first time I had come across this information pertaining to a man that I admire greatly and seeing it, of all places, in Britain’s Evening Standard newspaper, saddened me somewhat. Imagine, such a great man, meeting his end, alone and in such a tragic way. At the mere public declaration of his death. The article also informed that the same error had been made by a leading German magazine about President George Bush, in 2012. Clearly, he didn’t take it to heart.




We have all heard the saying “when your time comes, it is just your time” (or words to that effect), right? Well, not so for some people. Instead of avoiding and fearing their death, they take the ‘brush with death’ to a whole new level. They pay to have a practice run! Yes, that’s right. A fake funeral!


In China, pretend funerals are held at the Shimenfeng Celebrity Culture Park cemetery in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Zhang Bei, the mortuary’s 30-year-old “cemetery designer”, argues that the experience could help people better appreciate their lives. The fake funerals were the brainchild of Zeng Jia, a 20-year-old student, who became the first to lie down in a coffin during her fake funeral. Morbid, right? Well, she is studying to be an undertaker. :). But it does not stop at lying in the coffin, a full funeral service involving floral bouquets, mourners, photographers and even emotion-packed speeches from friends of the ‘deceased’ is conducted!


Of her “funeral”, Ms Zeng said: “Twenty of my classmates attended the service. They told me what they really thought of me, giving me a better understanding of myself and how I am seen by others.” An elderly couple that took part in the bizarre service said “they cared less about death at their age, that it was just a matter of time. It was not a taboo for them – they just wanted to try new things, meaningful things, in their remaining days.”


I truly hope that I haven’t depressed you, but rather left you on a positive life enriching vibe where you will now contemplate how you are going to take the rest of your life to the next exciting level of joy and happiness. Living your passion! I guess we are back to my ‘stranger’ at the bus stop. When it boils down to it, he, me, the elderly Chinese couple and I am sure, YOU, all really want the same thing…”to do ‘meaningful things, in our remaining days”. We are more united than we think…in life!



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P.S. You can always ask your larger than life Sarifa representative about taking out a plan to take care of expenses when…something inevitably happens to you. 😉